HSI Guns

Charlestown, NH

Licensed Dealer & Manufacturer of Firearms

German Weapons of WW2 Class

Come and learn about the iconic weapons of WW2 in this 2 hour class where participants can handle and fire such classic firearms as:
  • The k98 Mauser 8mm Rifle
  • The P38 9mm pistol
  • The p08 Luger 7.62mm pistol
  • The c96 "Broomhandle" 7.63mm Mauser pistol
  • The MG34 8mm machine gun

    Participants will have to opportunity to learn about, handle and fire these weapons and examine other artifacts of the WW2 era.

    HSI Guns will provide safety glasses, hearing protection, all equipment and ammunition.

    Participants should bring:
    Bug repellent (remember that the mosquito is the NH state bird)
    Comfortable clothes for outdoors wear (expect to lie on the ground for certain courses of fire)

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